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Changing jobs, the way you work or deciding what career is right for you is a difficult and stressful time. Our aim is to turn that statement on its head and make it fun, a revelation and as easy as we can. We do that through support, advice and resources to help you find the right job for you and work on a plan tro help you move forward.

The areas we will cover in coaching are:

A clear idea of the the current situation
Review of past employment
Skills (including identifying transferable skills)
Identifying the components that make up your "perfect" working environment
Relationships with co-workers and bosses
Key components of the "perfect" job
Lifestyle issues influenced by the job
Financial considerations
Expectations and assumptions
Analysis of requirements

Brainstorm and research of possible work options
Collation of information
Building up a network
Evaluation of results
Select next career actions

Set job search goals
CV review
Interview techniques
Networking techniques
Confidence issues
Job search options

Changing the way you work - part time employment, portfolio working, self-employment etc..

These areas will provide you with a firm foundation on which to build your career. It is something that few people take time to do but is fun, revealing and gives you an opportunity to focus on you and where you are headed. Now is the time to invest in your career.

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