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I started coaching with Camilla with the idea of clearing my head on what I wanted from my job at the time. In less than 18 months though she has helped me to articulate, then reach, some of my biggest and most exciting goals. I really feel now that I have moulded a whole new fulfilling life, which suits who I am and what's important to me. I have taken some major steps but her way of helping me think things through has meant that even those major moves have felt very natural and in a lot of ways effortless. And in the process I have learned a lot that I use day-to-day for myself. The best way I can think of describing it is that the coaching techniques and Camilla's support have helped my life 'click into place' - and I can honestly say it's worked brilliantly for me.
(KC, London & Kabul - Civil Engineer)

I have found my coaching sessions with Camilla to be incredibly valuable and rewarding. The experience has broadened my thinking enormously and effected significant changes in my self and my actions both within and outside work. The coaching has given me confidence to do this, and my new job is a direct result of this honed self-belief.
(NC, London - Configuration Manager)

Camilla encouraged me to push the boundaries I set myself over years, both professionally and personally. Her approach of being honest with yourself, and not allowing historic limitations to stop you progress I found very helpful. She has creative and positive ideas, and plays a great Devil's Advocate. I really felt I grew as a person.
(SM, London - IT Sales Manager)

For the first time in my life I feel happy and confident with myself. I have found the coaching with Camilla incredibly useful. I can honestly say that it has helped me to change my outlook on life. Where I was negative, I now have a positive way of thinking, and I have been able to set myself goals and feel that for the first time in my life I have a direction in my life. Camilla is very calm and patient to work with and allows you to progress at your own pace while gently encouraging you to get as much out of the coaching exercises as possible.
(JR, Cambridge - Transition from Researcher to Primary School Teacher (in training!))


Thank God for Camilla and coaching. I only wish I'd met her sooner!! I came to Camilla in April 2001 with problems and life challenges ranging from emotional to financial. It's not been easy by any means but 10 months down the line I feel more positive about myself and my ability to cope than I ever have, and with Camilla's help coaching has enabled to confront what I thought were weaknesses in myself and resolve long-standing issues. Her support and coaching to date have been invaluable. Coaching has taught me how to focus and think rationally about how to resolve problems and challenges I am faced with and for the first time ever I am so proud of myself and what I've been able to achieve!
(LD, Woking - Personal Assistant )


Thanks to Camilla's strong guidance and a few months of soul-searching and focused hard work, I now feel at last my life is on the right track! With Camilla's help I never feel completely alone in making tough decisions. She has helped me to tune in to my abilities and find the confidence I need to move my daydreams towards reality.
(KC, Colchester - Project Manager)


Thank you for breaking down what seemed (at the outset at least) an enormous problem, into lots of smaller, more manageable problems which I was then able to see as challenges and opportunities.
(TM, Midlands - Transition from Solicitor to Wine Trade)


Six months ago I was running out of reserves, I had no backups to help me manage the changes of everyday life. I also did not know how to ask for help. Following six months of coaching I am completely liberated as I was finally able to ask for help, and got that - plus much more. Coaching has helped me open doors that I wasn't even aware I had shut. I now have a clear vision and the ability to ask myself the difficult questions as I know Camilla will help me find the answers.
( SR, Project Administrator)