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Career & Work Related Sites

A well established career development club in the United States which, although catering to the US market, has some excellent articles, resources etc. which can be used by anyone.

A research directory of leading US companies with useful advice regarding career moves applicable to the UK.
Executive Grapevine produce a series of books each year listing, among its titles, UK and International Search Consultants (listing names, addresses and areas of speciality). You can also do searches from their website for a fee. Many libraries will have a copy of Executive Grapevine.
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Financial Independence


A great UK-based site for advice on money management and financial independence.

Richard Kiyosaki's website offers additional information on his Rich Dad, Poor Dad philosophy and lists his other books, seminars and games.


Suze Orman is one of America's best-known financial advisors and offers great advice on generic financial issues - buyt bear in mind that she is writing for the US market.
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Personal Development

More information from the author of "Mind Power".


Coaching is a young profession and the International Coaching Federation is the central body which sets the ethics of this growing field, monitors coach training and sets the benchmark for how coaching moves forward.



CoachU (or Coach University) is one of the most successful training organisations for coaches.



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A relatively new site created by the founder of CoachU, Thomas Leonard, offering useful coaching resources, courses etc..
This is a wonderful resource that allows coaches around Europe (predominantly the UK) to email one another and find out how the market is developing, advertise their courses, have discussions on the issues that relate to coaches and so on.
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